Department of English and Humanities

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The mission of the Department of English and Humanities is to develop students’ written communication skills and critical appreciation for literature.

In the English major and minor, students will think critically about how literary texts from a variety of cultural perspectives create meaning and address urgent questions.

In the English, Writing, and Media major, students will develop their writing skills in a variety of practical and professional modes, while deepening their critical thinking and cultural literacy through the study of literature and other media.

In the Humanities major, self-disciplined, self-motivated, and interested students pursue a topic, theme, or cross-cultural project that is interdisciplinary in nature.

Upon completing a program of study in the Department of English and Humanities, students will:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of major works of literature.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of how meaning is created in literary works.
  • Demonstrate an aesthetic appreciation of the creative work of others.
  • Produce consistently lucid, coherent, thoroughly researched papers, convincingly and creatively presented.
  • Possess the writing and research skills, and the literary knowledge, necessary to flourish in the liberal professions and relevant graduate programs.
  • Write persuasively in a variety of professional modes and media, including digital media.
  • Think critically about literature and other contemporary forms of cultural expression.
  • Create original content in written, visual, and digital media.

English (Traditional Undergraduate Program)
English, Writing, and Media (Traditional Undergraduate Program)
Humanities (Accelerated Degree Program and Traditional Undergraduate Program)

Drama (Traditional Undergraduate Program)
English (Traditional Undergraduate Program)