Game and Computer Arts, B.A.

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(45 credits)

The Bachelor of Arts in Game and Computer Arts, under the Department of Arts and Communication, is designed to study game-making as an interactive art form with an emphasis on 2D/3D design, multi-media digital asset creation, and creative coding.  Students will pursue coursework in traditional and new media art production with an emphasis on developing an individual, entrepreneurial practice.  This coursework, coupled with a practicum in a relevant field will give each student the practical skills and conceptual knowledge to develop their own practice or to pursue a career in digital media production for a variety of industries. 

The Bachelor of Arts in Game and Computer Arts degree has a greater emphasis on general education, whereas the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Game and Computer Arts focuses more deeply on technical and professional production.  

Upon completing the program of study in Game and Computer Arts, students will:

  • Demonstrate the ability to effectively communicate their ideas orally, in writing, through drawing, and graphically.   
  • Demonstrate proficiency with industry-standard tools for digital production and distribution. 
  • Demonstrate an understanding of and proficiency with fundamental art and design principles, including graphic and user design.   
  • Demonstrate professionalism in both work ethic and delivery quality. 
  • Demonstrate an understanding of creative production and the technical processes related to digital production. 
  • Demonstrate a fundamental proficiency with computer programming for art and interactivity. 
  • Demonstrate an expansive perception of the relevance of art and creative production to their life and career.


REQUIRED CORE (30 credits)

AR 111 - Drawing I
AR 201 - Introduction to Computer Art
AR 212 - Figure Drawing
AR 216 - Arts and Entrepreneurship
AR 218 - Introduction to Digital Game Development
AR 380 - Art Practicum
AR 391 - Senior Project

Select one (3 credits):

AR 113 - Three-Dimensional Design
AR 122 - Two-Dimensional Design

Select two (6 credits):

AR 114 - Graphic Design I
AR 335 - Digital Photography I
AR 356 - 3D Modelling and Animation I
AR 360 - Digital Game Development I
AR 361 - Digital Game Development II
CIS 174 - Introduction to Programming
CO 139 - Introduction to Digital Video & Audio

FLEXIBLE CORE (6 credits)

Select two (6 credits): Art History (AH) courses 


CIS 301 - Technology and the Arts
CO 365 - Writing for Interactive Media

Select one (3 credits):

CIS 115 - Computer Essentials
CIS 170 - Operating System Concepts