Education Minor

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(18 credits)

The Education Minor is different from the teacher preparation program leading to initial teacher certification in Connecticut. This minor provides a foundation for graduate studies leading to various categories of educator certification. The Education minor also provides preparation for careers in teaching in early childhood centers, in social services related to work with families and children, or in criminal justice with a focus on juvenile justice. A student who wishes to minor in Education should make an appointment to meet with the Director of Education Programs or the Certification Officer to discuss this option.

To earn the Education minor, students must complete the courses listed below:

ED 190 - Orientation to the Schools
ED 212 - History and Philosophy of Education
ED 242 - Educational Psychology

Choose one course from the following courses:

ED 330 - Child Development
ED 341 - Adolescent Psychology

Choose seven credits from the following courses*:

ED 170 - Health Education for Teachers
ED 227 - Special Education for the Classroom Teacher I
ED 228 - Special Education for the Classroom Teacher II
ED 251 - Special Topics
ED 320 - Teaching Reading and Writing Across the Curriculum
ED 322 - Technological Applications in Classroom
PY 131 - Development of Art in Childhood
PY 132 - Development of Play in Childhood
PY 133 - Reasoning and Numeracy in Childhood
PY 134 - Attachment and Relationships in Childhood
PY 229 - Psychology of the Exceptional Child

*With department approval it is possible to make substitutions for courses in this category.