The Curriculum: Definition of Terms

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  • Introductory undergraduate courses are numbered 100 –199, intermediate undergraduate courses, 200 – 299, advanced undergraduate courses, 300 – 499, and graduate courses 500 – 799.
  • The number of credits after a course description indicates the semester credit hours assigned to the course.
  • The letter “P” following a course description indicates a prerequisite for that course.
  • For preliminary planning purposes, when a course is intended to meet a part of the undergraduate General Education Core Program, it will be indicated in this course description. However, the official core-program designation of any course is given in the official schedule for the module/semester that the course is being offered.
  • The letter “W” following a course number indicates that it is a designated writing course that can be used to fulfill one of the College writing requirements in the Traditional Undergraduate Program.
  • In the Traditional Undergraduate Program, all courses meet three hours a week with sessions held either on-ground, online or in a blended format.
  • In the Accelerated Degree Program, all courses meet five hours a week with sessions held either online or in a blended format.
  • The official schedule of courses is available in the Office of the Registrar. Consult the official schedule for classes offered in a given module/semester.
  • The College reserves the right to cancel any class for which there is insufficient enrollment.