Schedule of Refunds on Tuition, Fees and Food and Housing

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For students who withdraw, drop out or are academically or medically dismissed from the College, the following refund schedule will be applied towards institutional charges including tuition, food and housing. Based on the refund schedule, the student is still responsible for any outstanding charges owed to the College. All fees (Application Fee, Registration Fee, Add/Drop Fee and Information Technology Fee) are non-refundable.

  • During the add/drop period: 100% Refund 
  • After the add/drop period ends: 0% Refund

Financial aid recipients that withdraw or change enrollment status are subject to have their financial aid recalculated. 

If withdrawal results in a credit balance, the credit will be returned to the student through the Bankmobile refund process.

To drop a course, students must consult their academic advisor and drop the course within the timeframe indicated below. Notifying the instructor or failing to attend class does not constitute an official drop and may result in a failing grade for the course and a full charge to the student.

Students who are receiving financial aid should consult with the Financial Aid Office before deciding whether to drop (or to add) a course. Dropping a course may affect students’ financial aid award.