Introduction: St. Albert the Great

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Undergraduate Program Course Catalog 2023–2024

St. Albert the Great, the patron of Albertus Magnus College, was born about 1200 into the family of the counts of Bollstadt at Lauingen in Swabia. After a few months of study at Bologna and Padua, he entered the recently founded Dominican order in 1223. For the next three decades, he studied and taught in Paris and Cologne, where the young Thomas Aquinas was among his students. In 1254, Albert was elected prior provincial of Germany and soon after was appointed papal theologian and named Bishop of Ratisbon. Yearning for academic life, he resigned his episcopal appointment in 1262 and returned to Cologne for a life of prayer and study. Albert died in Cologne in 1280.

According to a contemporary, Albertus was a man “so superior in every science that he can fittingly be called the wonder and miracle of our time.” His encyclopedic writings include works on physics, geography, astronomy, chemistry, biology, philosophy, and theology. He was a major figure in the introduction of the work of Aristotle to the Latin West and was instrumental in the acceptance of human learning as an essential handmaid to theology. In 1933, Albert was proclaimed a saint and doctor of the Church.

In the tradition of St. Albert, the College strives to promote the search for truth in all its dimensions, providing all with the opportunity to pursue a higher education that is both humanistically broadening and practical in its application.

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