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Albertus Magnus College holds itself to the highest levels of integrity and will not directly or indirectly provide misrepresentative information to any prospective or enrolled student, employee, member of the public, accrediting agency, state agency, and/or the Department of Education. In addition, the College is committed to refraining from any conflict of interest or the perception thereof.

The College’s designated Title IV Compliance Committee regularly meets with all department heads to ensure each department remains responsible for maintaining the accuracy of their published materials, for the timely updates of incorrect or outdated information, and for the dissemination of new and/or changed institutional policies.

The College reserves the right to modify, change, disregard, suspend, or cancel any part of these policies or procedures. The Financial Aid policies and procedures linked below supersede those previously published. For the most current version, please visit https:// www.albertus.edu/admission-aid/financial-aid/financial-consumer-information.php. A full copy of the Albertus Magnus College Financial Aid Policy & Procedure Manual is available by request in the Financial Aid Office. To view the College’s most-current policies and procedures, please visit https://www.albertus.edu/policy-reports/public- disclosure/.