Degree Requirements for the Associate of Arts (A.A.)

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The A.A. degree in Liberal Studies requires the successful completion of at least 60 credits of coursework. Students must take a minimum of 21 credits as matriculating students at Albertus Magnus College. These 21 credits must be the last credits toward the degree. The A.A. degree requires the successful completion of at least 60 credits that include 30 credits in general education requirements; 15 credits in a given discipline; and 15 credits in Liberal Arts electives. Students must maintain a minimum grade point average of 2.0 for all work attempted at Albertus Magnus College.

1. General Education Requirements (30 Credits)
EN 101 College Writing 3 credits
EN 102 Introduction to Literary Genres 3 credits
Mathematics (A) or Science (A) 3 credits
History (B or C) or Fine Arts (A) 3 credits
Philosophy (B or C) 3 credits
Religious Studies (B or C) 3 credits
Social Science – Economics, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology (B or C) 3 credits

2. 9 credits of designated courses in three different disciplines (B or C).

3. 15 credits in a given discipline

4. 15 credits of electives in other Liberal Arts courses