Learning Outside the Classroom

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Practica and Internships

Practica and internships within the academic programs are offered to well-prepared and highly motivated students. Credit is given for work done outside the classroom in an environment suited to the student’s major interest. See the “Academic Support Services” section for more information, and please visit the website: www.albertus.edu/student-resources/career-services.

Independent Study

An independent study affords students the opportunity to undertake research or to do a research project in an area not covered by other courses. It is not a way to make up credits. The project should contribute to students’ development as scholars within their program of study. To apply for an independent study, students must be in good academic standing, have sufficient academic background to undertake the proposed research and must obtain and submit an Independent Study Proposal form to the Office of the Registrar. Independent study proposals must be approved by the instructor, department chair, academic advisor, and dean. Independent studies do not take the form of tutorials. Contact the Office of the Registrar with questions about the proposal requirements and faculty responsibilities.


Tutorials may be arranged for students who need a required course that will not be offered before their graduation. First, students should consult with their academic advisor and department chair. To apply for a tutorial, students must obtain and submit a Tutorial Request form to the Office of the Registrar. Tutorials must be approved by the instructor, department chair, academic advisor, and dean. A tutorial surcharge of $300 will be billed to the student in addition to tuition. Permission to undertake a tutorial depends on the availability of a faculty member with appropriate expertise. Students taking tutorials must meet with their instructor for the same number of hours per week as the credits assigned to the tutorial. Tutorials do not take the form of independent studies. The subjects of tutorials are limited to courses listed in this catalog.

Study Abroad

The Office of Career & Professional Development will provide assistance to students who wish to spend time studying abroad in any one of a number of approved American-college-sponsored programs. Credits received in these programs are transferable to Albertus. All students are encouraged to take advantage of opportunities for foreign study and travel. Language majors find residence in the country of the major particularly rewarding.

Students must receive approval from the Office of the Registrar before registering for courses as part of their study abroad experience. Students must be enrolled in 12-credits and maintain full time status. All courses taken abroad must transfer into Albertus Magnus College and fulfill remaining degree requirements.

Students are required to send a copy of their official schedule from the host institution to the Office of the Registrar after the host institution’s add/drop deadline has passed. A copy of the schedule will be reviewed by the Registrar to ensure that the student is in the approved classes as well as given to the Financial Aid office for purposes of financial aid disbursement.

Students will required to submit official transcripts to the Office of the Registrar upon returning from abroad so credits may officially be updated. 

Planning for the program should begin at least one semester in advance of the student’s departure for foreign study. 

Visit https://www.albertus.edu/student-resources/career-services/study-abroad.php for additional information.