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An Incomplete (I) is approved when a student is unable to complete the requirements of a course by the final grade deadline. At the time the (I) grade is requested, the student must have completed at least 60% of the required coursework in the course, have a passing grade and have a valid reason for not being able to complete the remainder of the coursework by the end of the term.

Valid reasons might include: extended illness of self or close family member, death of a loved one, accident, complications of pregnancy, manifestation of a disability, or legal issues, etc.

Invalid reasons include: student attended only a few or no class sessions, student did not complete enough academic activities or actively participate in class, student elected not to complete the course on time, student is busy finishing requirements for other courses, student believes they can get a better grade with additional time, an extension of time to complete required work would be personally more convenient to the student, or student would otherwise fail the course, etc.

Incompletes must be initiated by the student, approved by the instructor of record and submitted to the Office of the Registrar by the last day of the mod./semester. The choice to grant an incomplete is at the instructor’s discretion. The student’s work must be completed and submitted promptly so that the instructor may resolve the incomplete grade in accordance with the relevant academic calendar and the terms outlined in the “Request for an Incomplete”. Incompletes must be cleared within 30 days of the last class meeting.

A student who does not make arrangements with the instructor to complete the coursework, or does not satisfactorily complete the coursework as arranged, will receive a grade of F for the course. Failure to meet deadlines may result in the student’s loss of financial aid, campus residence, and/or eligibility for enrollment in future courses or participation in student activities, including athletic practice and competition.

Faculty overseeing incompletes must submit a "Change of Grade" form within 30 days of the last class meeting, or the Incomplete is changed to an F. Once the incomplete is resolved the grade will be included in the student’s overall grade point average.