Academic Review

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Academic Review is not considered to be a punitive measure but rather a serious warning to students that their future at the College is in jeopardy. The period of Academic

Review is a time to make the necessary academic improvement to regain good standing. Academic review for students attending mod courses takes place in January (after Mods 1 and 2) and August (after Mods 3 and 4).

Students are placed on Academic Review status for any of the following:

  • Failure to achieve good standing in the previous two mods
  • Failure to maintain a 2.0 cumulative average in their major field
  • Failing grades (“F” or “WF”) in three courses in any two mods
  • Attaining a term average of less than 1.70 over two mods

Students who have one or more Incompletes at the end of two mods and students who do not have the grade point average required for good standing are automatically placed on Academic Review for the following two mods.

At the discretion of the Associate Dean, students on Academic Review may be required to take a reduced course load. Students may not transfer credits earned at any other college during the Academic Review period. A full-time student who is on Academic Review must take at least 12 credits (6 credits each mod for two consecutive mods) from September through December or from January through May.