Academic Amnesty

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Albertus Magnus College recognizes that sometimes students are unsuccessful academically for a variety of reasons and that a low GPA is a barrier to further academic progress.  To allow students a second chance, the College has established an Academic Amnesty policy.

Academic Amnesty allows qualifying students the opportunity to remove academically poor coursework (D and/or F grades) from the calculation of their GPA. Amnesty results in the recalculation of GPA and a reassessment of a student's academic progress.  Amnesty does not remove courses from the student’s academic record (it only excludes them from cumulative GPA calculations at Albertus Magnus College), state/federal regulations concerning course attempts will still apply. Students are eligible for one application of Academic Amnesty at each degree-level.

Students must apply for Academic Amnesty within 90 days from the end of the module/semester in question.

Academic Amnesty does not apply to federal, state and Albertus Magnus College financial aid regulations. The academic record impacted by Academic Amnesty is not excluded from federal, state and Albertus Magnus College Financial Aid policies. Students should consult with the Director of Financial Aid prior to requesting Academic Amnesty.

Academic Amnesty may not be honored by institutions to which the student subsequently transfers.

In order to qualify for Academic Amnesty:

  • The student must have never before received Academic Amnesty at the same degree-level.
  • Applications must be submitted within 90 days from the end of the module/semester in question and cannot be submitted after their degree has been conferred.
  • A listing of the courses for which Amnesty is being requested including the module/semester in which the courses were taken.
  • A formal, written statement with an explanation for the cause of the academic difficulty and steps taken to resolve the situation.

Applications should always include relevant documentation to support the claims. Applications submitted without supporting documentation will likely be denied. Once an application has been reviewed, the committee will notify the student via their Albertus Magnus College email of its decision.

Medical Issues

  • Attach signed and dated medical documentation.

Military Obligations

  • Attach a copy of military order, dated and signed by commanding officer.

Death of Immediate Family Member

  • Attach a dated obituary/death certificate/article.
  • Attach documentation showing relation to the deceased.

Family Emergency

  • Attach a copy of the travel ticket.
  • Signed, dated medical documentation (if applicable).