Grading System

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The College uses a system of letter grades and quality points to evaluate undergraduate student performance. Grade point averages are computed on a scale where A = 4.0 (94-100), A- = 3.7 (90- 93), B+ = 3.3 (87-89), B = 3.0 (84-86), B- = 2.7 (80-83), C+ = 2.3 (77-79), C = 2.0 (74-76), C- = 1.7 (70-73), D+ = 1.3 (67-69), D = 1.0 (60-66), F = 0 (failing), UF = 0 (failing - un-earned F).

Grade points earned in a course are determined by multiplying the point value of the letter grade (shown above) by the number of credits of the course. A cumulative average is obtained by dividing the total number of grade points by the total number of credits taken at Albertus and is calculated at the student level.

Grade Meaning
W  A W (Withdrawal) is recorded for students who withdraw from a semester-based course during weeks 3-15 or a mod-based course during weeks 3-8.The recording of a W grade for a course does not impact a student’s overall grade-point-average. W grades do impact a student’s pace to completion for purposes of financial aid. All students should contact the necessary office contacts before making the decision to withdraw from a course. 
WA A WA (Administrative Withdrawal) is recorded for students taking traditional undergraduate courses and who are absent from class for 14 calendar days during the first 7 weeks of the semester. Students taking adult undergraduate and graduate courses are issued a WA after being absent for 4 consecutive classes during the first 4 weeks of the module.
WF Students who receive a UF (Un-Earned F) are permitted to convert the UF to a WF (Withdrawal Fail) by requesting such conversion with the Office of the Registrar by the last day of the term in which it was recorded. The recording of a WF grade for a course does not impact a student’s overall grade-point-average. Students who record three or more WF grades in a semester may be placed on academic review or be academically dismissed contingent on the overall semester GPA attained.WF grades do impact a student’s pace to completion for purposes of financial aid. 
I An I (Incomplete) is approved when a student is unable to complete the requirements of a course by the final grade deadline. At the time the (I) grade is requested, the student must have completed at least 60% of the required coursework in the course, have a passing grade and have a valid reason for not being able to complete the remainder of the coursework by the end of the term. Faculty overseeing incompletes must submit a "Change of Grade" form within 30 days of the last class meeting, or the Incomplete is changed to an F. Once the incomplete is resolved the grade will be included in the student’s overall grade point average. Undergraduate students with the grade of I in a course(s) are not eligible for the dean’s  or President's lists.
I/P An I/P (In Progress) provisional grade is issued for students registered in an undergraduate or graduate practicum or internship or graduate thesis or capstone, but who do not complete the work in the term and who formally apply for a non-credit bearing continuation course. The Office of the Register shall change the I/P notation to a letter grade once the instructor submits a "Change of Grade" form. Undergraduate students with a grade of I/P in a course(s) are not eligible for the dean’s or President's lists.
P A P (Pass) grade indicates performance in an undergraduate course for which specific grades are not given. A P is equivalent to a grade of D- or better.
P/O A P/O (Pass Option) grade is the pass grade for undergraduate courses taken on an optional Pass/Fail basis.
AUD An AUD (Audit) grade designates registration for a course as an auditor.