Withdrawal from a Course

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Students may withdraw from a course during the withdrawal period. During an eight week course, the withdrawal period begins on the Monday of the third week and ends on the last day of classes. Students who wish to withdraw must fill out a Withdrawal Form. A grade of “WA “or “UF” will be recorded for students that must be administratively withdrawn.

Withdrawals will be processed on the following schedule:

Weeks 1–2: Add/Drop is in effect.

Weeks 3 – 8: Withdrawal
Students have the option to withdraw by completing a withdrawal form where a “W” will be issued. A grade of “WA” will be issued to all students who are administratively withdrawn in weeks 3-4. A grade of “UF” (unearned F) will be recorded for students who are administratively withdrawn in weeks 5-8. The student can petition an instructor to change the “UF” to a “WF.”  The “UF” must be cleared by the last day of the mod in which it is recorded.

* Semester-long courses will follow the traditional undergraduate (day) withdrawal policy. See the Traditional Undergraduate Program Catalog.