In Progress Courses

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Students registered for an undergraduate or graduate practicum or internship or graduate thesis or capstone, but who do not complete the work in the term may, with the permission of the instructor, register for a continuation course. If the instructor does not feel the continuation is warranted, the student will have the opportunity to apply for an Incomplete.

When a continuation is granted, the Office of the Registrar will issue a provisional grade of “I/P” for the course. If the student does not register for the continuation course by the last day of classes before the final examination period, the instructor will be required to issue a grade.

Students are given one semester (or two modules— this will require two continuation registrations) to complete the course free of charge. At the discretion of the instructor, students may register for an additional continuation. Students will incur a $250 continuation fee per course per module/semester payable to the Bursar's Office at the time of registration.

Students who do not complete the continuation for undergraduate or graduate practicum or internship within one calendar year must receive a grade for the original course. The student will need to retake the course and pay the full tuition rate.

Students who do not complete the continuation for graduate thesis or capstone may register and pay for continuations as long as their thesis or capstone is completed within seven years of matriculation.

The Office of the Registrar shall change the “I/P” notation to an “F” grade if the student does not register for subsequent continuations.

The continuation will be a non-credit bearing course (instructors will be required to take attendance) for which students will receive a pass (P) or fail (F) grade. The grade for the practicum, internship, thesis, capstone, or student teaching will be awarded in the initial registration term. The instructor will have 72 hours after the continuation course end date to submit the continuation grade and the grade for the original course to the Office of the Registrar.