Attendance Policy

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The Accelerated Degree Program has an attendance policy that supports the academic success of students and the integrity of its programs. The attendance policy is as follows:

  • Class attendance is taken in all Accelerated Degree Program courses twice a week, regardless of whether the course is taught on ground, in a blended format, or online. All courses are treated as having two sessions per week.
  • Students who are absent for four consecutive sessions of a course and have not officially withdrawn are administratively withdrawn from that course. When students have two consecutive absences, an auto-generated warning email will be sent to them. At three absences, students will receive an email from student services letting them know that if they miss one more class, they will be administratively withdrawn. After four consecutive absences, students will be administratively withdrawn and have no recourse to return to class.
  • Students may withdraw from courses during the first seven weeks of a session. They may not withdraw thereafter.
  • Instructors monitor attendance and may reduce a grade or issue a failing grade in a course based upon a student’s attendance and participation in the course.